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Ripple and XRP: The Complete Guide

January 24th, 2020|

What is Ripple? The name has been incredibly prominent within the cryptocurrency space, for reasons both positive and negative. In short, Ripple is a payment protocol that facilitates fast, frictionless cross-border payments with minimal fees. [...]

Elon Musk Opens Up on Bitcoin, Finally

January 24th, 2020|

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, recently attended a podcast in which he briefly discussed his views on Bitcoin, stating that he is “neither here nor there” on the digital currency. Elon Musk [...]

Ethereum 2.0 Gateway Successfully Verified

January 23rd, 2020|

Development on Ethereum 2.0 is continuing to break new grounds as one of the most important smart contracts for the network has just been successfully verified. Ethereum 2.0 Deposit Contract Ready Tech startup Runtime Verification [...]

Is Ethereum About to Break Out of a 2-Year Bear Market?

January 22nd, 2020|

Crypto markets are holding steady for another day following a slight pullback from their recent rally. Ethereum is still looking strong but can it finally pull out of its two-year bear market? Ethereum Bulls Building [...]

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